Joel F Ellis, Great Lakes Artist
Public art should be interesting enough to engage people who see it every dayGeorge Woodman

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   Joel F Ellis Blue Art , Art in Stations, and in the movies

     Welcome to the winter edition of Joel Ellis Art website.

  • ·         We explore five blue Joel Ellis paintings and the story behind their becoming.
  • ·         Other paintings are currently in the Xanadu Gallery ( online catalog as well.
  • ·         Also part of this grand experience called art we are in the movies:  the selected Joel Ellis paintings in their proposed scenes of a romantic comedy feature film, The Funeral Guest currently in production,, are shown on page four of this edition. It was a delight to work with the film producer and we wish the company success with their film in 2014.
  • ·         Finally, the quotes on each page of the website are based on the public art at the Detroit People Mover ( eighteen works in thirteen stations, from the book Art in the Stations, the Detroit People Mover by Irene Walt with photography by the late Balthazar Korab ( ). The art is stunning. Go to Detroit. Take a ride on the People Mover and surrender to the pleasures of public art.

I hope you enjoy this edition of Joel Ellis Art. If you have any questions or wish to arrange a purchase, please contact me (contacts at the bottom of each page).

In January look for newer works of a different color. I hope your holidays are pleasant. Thank you for visiting the Joel Ellis Art website. Please be sure to check the blog as well at





Silent Spring 24 x 36 acrylic on canvas

 Silent Spring – Came out of a winter dream. I was looking to create those delicate moments when the ice clusters begin to submit to slight increases in temperatures creating drips and splashes.  To the comfort of background music from Bill Evans piano playing his Peace song, the expression of early spring came alive before me.  [$850, 24x36, acrylic on canvas ]