Welcome to Joel Ellis Art, artistic creations by award winning artist, Joel F. Ellis. The paintings on these gallery pages represent a range of work by Joel F. Ellis from landscapes to expressionist abstract. The news includes and grand use of technology for affordable reproductions:
The Experience

     We were on the hunt for a new technology.  At the prestigious Saper Gallery,  we saw paintings reproduced with such exactness even the artists texture appeared with perfection. In small town Portland some thirty miles nearby, we found RCP printers. The keepers of magical technology led us to a long windowless room where the great machine lay in waiting – this is the scanner room – they told us.

      As the scanner began the demonstration we knew instinctively that this was the next level of true creative reproduction. The artistic work lay flat on the slow moving belt. Midway the work passed under two large day-bright light bars capturing every nuance of color, every subtle and grand brush stroke, every wrist twist of paint loaded pallet knife. Before our eyes the painting transferred completely without distortion of light or shadow onto the nearby digital monitor. Giclée had finally earned its fancy name.
    One of the most asked for work from Joel Ellis is his signature 30x40 painting, Red Bluff. The painting is now available in the exacting Giclée process at a limited special $590.
    For purchase information please contact Joel Ellis using information at the bottom of each page on this website. 

The adventure of being IN life inspires me: beautiful scenes, interactions with people, even dreams echoing a day’s experience. My only true expression of these events is through making art and the curiosity of what is going to happen next.

  -Artist’s Statement from Joel F. Ellis

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Check Gallery Two for more Giclée using the new scanner process. 

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