Joel F Ellis, Great Lakes Artist
"Real painters understand the brush in their hand."  –Morrisot


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Bold Beach, original 16x20, went through a little stretching to fit the full size Adams Outdoor Advertising billboard for a spectacular view. Limited edition Giclee of orignal work are available


 Purple Pair  18x24  acrylic on canvas
In "Reaching for the Light" 4th floor elegant Rackham Building, University of Michigan
curated by Chelsea River Gallery (


Gold Sands, 30x40, will be on permanent display at the PNC Tower in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.

Hello 2015!

The year past, 2014, had a fine celebration for Joel Ellis Art as the days came to a close:

  • Bold Beach was selected for the “Art in the Sky” project – a partnership between Greater Lansing Arts Council and Adams Outdoor Advertising as a means of promoting the health of cultural richness in Mid-Michigan

  • Purple Pair was selected for “Reaching for the Light” exhibit at University of Michigan’s Rackham Hall, curated by Chelsea River Gallery in honor of the university botanical wonder, the agave plant that after 80 years bloomed so tall the roof of the greenhouse had to be removed as the plant reached for the light

  • Gold Sands was selected and purchased for the PNC Tower in Pittsburgh PA as one of the works representing the State of Michigan. Thanks to Goodall Gallery, Louisville, KY for a smooth transition of the work to its new home.

This was an exciting time. We look forward to maintaining the momentum of these events in my art. New paintings are in process as others return from the seven venues displaying Joel Ellis Art over the holidays of 2014.


If you are interested in work presented here or to view a portfolio of Joel Ellis Art, please contact me, Joel, at any of the contact numbers listed on each page of the website. Here’s to a successful close to 2014 and a wish for continued success in 2015. Thank you all for your support.

p.s.  Check my blog for a discussion of The Artist's Way: .